Tabletop role-playing games (also shorted to TTRPG or TRPG) are cooperative story-telling games where you and your friends get together to tell an interesting story. Unlike video games, you are free to interact and explore the world as you see fit, no invisible walls will hold you back. In many tabletop RPGs including Drifter, dice are commonly used to determine the outcome of an action which would yield an unknown or interesting result. This could be trying to sneak past some bladebots, convincing a sanctuary guard to let you by, or attacking your enemies. Otherwise, you have the creative freedom to tell any kind of story, fight any adversity, or explore in any direction you see fit. You are constrained only by your imagination.

Game Roles

There are two types of roles for those playing tabletop RPGs, the narrator and the characters. Both work together to create a dynamic and interesting story together.

One member of the group is the narrator. If you are the narrator, you are responsible for describing the environment and deciding the consequences to the players’ actions. You provide the framework of the story, creating a canvas that unfolds with you and your friends. You roleplay the unique and interesting characters and locations, while making decisions for the actions of various adversaries against whom the characters will be fighting. In most tabletop RPGs, this role is also known as the gamemaster.

Everyone else in the group takes on the role of a character. Like in a video game, you create and control a unique individual in the world of “Hyper Light Drifter.” This character is yours to control and customize as you see fit, from how you appear, identify, talk, act and react to things in the world. You get to interact with world, characters and creatures the narrator puts before you.

Be sure to not always leave the role of narrator to a single person, it’s important to switch things up every once in a while. Take the initiative and become a narrator yourself! It helps improve you as a player and makes you think about how you play and deal with story scenarios in a different light.