You’re a good ally to have in a fight. You know how to use weapons and defend yourself. Warriors are physical, action-oriented people. They’re more likely to overcome a challenge using force than by any other means, and they often take the most straightforward path toward their goals.

Creating a Warrior

Health & Energy

As a warrior you start with 12 Health, and an Energy Pool of 10.


Your Grit is 2 and your Nerve is 1.

Class Features


The battlefield is all about picking the right moment. Spend an Intervention Point to create the oppor-tune moment to strike. Before the start of combat or the start of a round, you can pick two characters, and temporarily move their initiative order to the top of the list for the round. During this action, characters won’t suffer any consequences from their actions.

Stronger Together

You can lend your strength to help your allies overcome a task. If an ally is using a skill from the Combat Discipline, you can spend your energy to boost your ally’s roll.

Dash Abilities

You have two dash points you can use per scene or encounter. You can use them on the following abilities. s.

Impale (Dash | Action | Fight): An empowered attack utilizing your greater speed to move full force into your target, weapon first.
Effect: Move one tile then, make a [Fight] attack against one target.

  • Fortune: Deal 2[w] + [Vigor or Swiftness].
  • Temperance: Deal [w] + [Vigor or Swiftness].
  • Judment: Deal [Vigor or Swiftness] damage; Consequence.

Take a Hit (Dash | Reaction | Defend): If an ally is about to take damage, you can dash to take the hit for them.
Effect: Move one tile then, make a [Defend] save to reduce the incoming attack.

  • Fortune: Block all damage.
  • Temperance: Block [Shield Defense + 2] damage.
  • Judgment: Block [Shield Defense + 1].

In addition you gain the Last Second dash ability.

Last Second (Dash | Reaction): Just when you’re about to take a hit, quickly dash out of the way.
Effect: You can use this as a reaction before taking damage. Move up to one tile and taking no damage.


Select a kit from the following options, or select your own equipment with 5 bits, your starting gear must include a weapon.


  • 1x Light melee or ranged weapon
  • 1x Light shield
  • 1x Light armor


  • 2x Light melee or ranged weapons
  • 1x Heavy melee or ranged weapon


  • 2x Light melee or ranged weapons
  • 1x Stimpack


Pick 2 talents, these can be from your class list.

Warrior Talents

Cleave (+3 energy | Action | Fight | Range 0): Through sheer power or through agility, you maneuver through your enemies weaving and striking each of them in a prominent show of force.

  • Fortune: Deal [w]+2 damage to all enemies in your tile.
  • Temperance: Deal [w] damage to two enemies in your tile; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Deal 1 damage to two enemies in your tile; Consequence.


Multi-Shot (+3 Energy | Action | Aim | Range +): You’re quick with your blaster, and can fire multiple blasts in quick succession. Dealing extra damage to the same target, or hitting a different one.
Note: If any of your targets has an adversity modifier that increases the difficulty of your attack roll, you roll against the highest modifier of your targets.

  • Fortune: Distribute 2[w] between two targets, damage can all go to the same target if you so choose.
  • Temperance: Distribute 1[w] + 1 damage between two targets; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Distribute 2 damage as you see fit; Consequence.


Fighting Style (Passive):With your skill in weapons and fighting you can take on a cohesive fighting style. You can change your style at the beginning of a scene or at the beginning of a combat encounter.

  • Power: Increase your weapon damage by 1 (this is the base damage number that gets multiplied with some abilities).
  • Resilience: +2 to [Defense] rolls.
  • Focus: + 2 to [Fight] and [Aim] rolls.


Strategic Positioning (+2 | Action | Fight | Range 0): You put yourself in a position to strike, either by helping an ally to safety or putting yourself into the path of danger.

  • Fortune: Deal [w] damage and you and one ally can move a tile at no additional cost.
  • Temperance: Deal [w] damage and either you or an ally can move a tile; Consequence.
  • Judgment: You or your ally can move one tile; Consequence.

Warrior’s Aura (Passive): As a seasoned warrior, you present an aura about you. You’ve learned to amplify this feeling to help convey a feeling to your onlooker. When using the skill associated to your aura, you can use your [Grit] instead of your [Nerve].

Declare your aura at the beginning of each scene or after a long rest.

  • Authority (Influence): One who shows confidence in their actions and takes the lead.
  • Capability (Lead): One who can work well with others and coordinate effectively.
  • Cultured (Perform): One who appreciates the nuances of tradition.
  • Honor (Empathy): One who trustworthy and can keep their word.
  • Ruthlessness (Intimidate): One who is willing to use their power to get what they want.