When you return to the safety of a sanctuary, you are able to spend your hard earned bits. Spending 4 bits on an advancment allows you to pick a character improvement from the list provided below. Once you settle on one of them, look to the XP section of your character sheet and fill [...]

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Outside of the relative safety of the sancutaries lies a dangerous world. From the wilds to the deep facilities, are stalked by numerous unknwn creatures, mutated aberrations, automatons from an age long past, to horrors unknown. Reading an Adversary Statblock. Adversity Name              (Adversity Level) Health: amount of health [...]

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Characters in Drifter have four ability scores, broken down into two Boost categories: Grit and Nerve. Each represents a different facet of a character’s capabilities in that given area. Grit covers physical actions, including Vigor and Swiftness, and Nerve covers cognitive actions, including Insight and Presence. Performing an action requires a certain amount of [...]

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