You haven’t always been a drifter. You had a different life once, perhaps one you spent diligently honing some sort of passion or hobby? In your line of work, all knowledge is valuable, and you have found ways to make some of your past skills useful for your adventures.


Benefits: You know how to read and write. While in a sanctuary, you can create or recreate a number of written works equal to your [Nerve].

You are lucky to bear such a rare gift. Thanks to your upbringing or training, you count among those still able to read. Though it may not be the language of the Librarians you are versed in, writing is nevertheless an immensely useful skill to have.


Benefits: When using the [Cook] skill to produce restoratives, increase the total amount of Energy recovered by your [Grit].

You enjoy a good drink and aren’t afraid to experiment with recipes to make them. You always have a brew on hand just waiting to be shared, but you are also well-versed in potentially dangerous liquids.


Benefits: When using the [Forage] skill to harvest ingredients, increase the yield of your efforts by your [Nerve].

As a skilled cook, you boast useful knowledge about various edible plants, and you know how to make the most of freshly killed wildlife.


Benefits: When using [Craft] to make a specific object, reduce the number of required components by your [Grit] (to a minimum component cost of 1).

Living in the remnants of what a great civilization has left behind, survival depends on your ability to utilize, repurpose, and fix the ancient technology they left behind.


Benefits: Gain a small pool of points equal to your [Grit] which you may use to bolster the amount of Energy or Health you recover by using [Heal].

The term “sanctuary” is a misnomer; no place upon the continent is truly safe. When innocent people get caught in the crossfire of a misfortune that isn’t their fault, someone needs to bring them back from the brink of death.


Benefits: You can set up traps with by using [Awareness] or [Influence]. By utilizing 2 components, and sacrificing a little bit of time, you can set up a mean surprise for your adversaries.
A Fortune result means your trap works as intended. A Temperance result, means your setup suffered complications, leading to a less-than-optimal outcome. A Judgment alerts your enemies of your presence.

You know the rewards of patience. Building traps and setting up ambushes is something you’re very familiar with. When setting up a trap, at least one of your targets will fall for it.


Benefits: When using [Negotiation] to trade or barter goods, a bonus to your roll equal to your [Nerve] score.

Sometimes, a silver tongue is all you need to make scrap look like an artefact. You have a way of guessing exactly what your customer wants to hear.


Benefits: When you steal something, using Sneak, reduce your Judgment threshold by your [Nerve].

There are gadgets and valuables someone isn’t going to miss, at least not until it’s too late already.