One accustomed to exploring and surviving out in the wilds and in the deep ruins.

When creating a delver, you get the following benefits:

Health & Energy

As a delver you start with 10 Health, and an energy pool of 12.


Your Grit Boost is 1 and your Nerve Boost is 1.You have an additional point you can distribute as you see fit.

Class Features

Safe Respite

When making camp or taking a long rest, you can you spend an Intervention Point to find a safe place. During this rest, you are safe from unexpected encounters and everyone recovers an additional 2 Health and 3 energy. Any energy that you recover above your maximum, you get to keep as temporary energy points, lasting until the next scene.

Experienced Survivor

You are versed in keeping yourself and your allies alive. If anyone in the group is performing a task from the Survival Discipline, you can lend your expertise to help your ally overcome the task. When assisting the ally, you can spend your energy to boost your ally’s roll.

Dash Abilities

You have two dash points you can use per scene or encounter. You can use them on the following abilities.

Dash Attack (Dash | Action | Fight): You’ve mastered the art of short dashes, linking them in quick secession allowing you to dart across the battlefield dealing damage to everyone you pass. Make a [Fight] attack, and see below for the rest of the effects of your attack.

  • Fortune: Move up to two tiles, dealing [w] + [Swiftness] damage to a number of enemies equal to your [Grit].
  • Temperance: Move up to one tile, dealing [w] damage to a number of enemies equal to your [Grit].
  • Judgment: Move up to one tile and deal 1 damage to a number of enemies equal to your [Grit].

Temporal Tear (Dash | Move): Using your dash module, you can create a temporary temporal rift, giving you precious seconds to turn the tide. Spending this allows you to move one tile and reduce the cost of your next action by 3. 

Last Second (Dash | Reaction): Just when you’re about to take a hit, quickly dash out of the way. You can use this as a reaction before taking damage. Move up to one tile and taking no damage.


Select a kit from the following options, or select your own equipment with 5 bits, your starting gear must include a weapon.


  • 2x Light melee or ranged weapon
  • 1x Stimpack or Light Armor



  • 2x Light melee or ranged weapon
  • 1x Light Shield
  • 1x Explosive



Pick 2 talents from the Delver Talent List.

Delver Talents

Trapmaker (3 Components | Action | Influence): Given enough time, you can create a dastardly trap that may entangle or injure your enemies.

  • Fortune: Your trap deals [w] + [Nerve] damage, in addition pick an effect from the following options, they will last for 2 rounds:
    • Target is restrained unable to move.
    • Target is knocked unconscious unless attacked.
    • Target is poisoned; target takes [Nerve] damage.
    • Target is blinded; Judgment Consequences are reduced to Temperance effects.
  • Temperance: Your trap deals 1[w] damage, additionally, pick an effect from the previous options. It will last 1 round; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Your plan either does not bear fruit, or your trap is discovered, alerting the enemy of your presence. They may wait, attack, or escape; Consequence.

Bleed (+2 energy | Action | Fight | Range 0): You find a sensitive spot where you can bleed your target.

  • Fortune: Deal [w] and cause your target to bleed [Insight] damage every round until they take action to stop it.
  • Temperance: Cause your target to bleed [Insight] damage for two rounds; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Cause your target to bleed 2 damage for two rounds; Consequence.

Sneak Attack (+2 energy | Action | Sneak | Range 0): The best fights are won when you already have the upper-hand. Slipping into the shadows, you emerge behind your target dealing a powerful blow.

  • Fortune: Deal [w] + 2[Grit] damage to your target.
  • Temperance: Deal [w] damage to your target; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Deal 1 damage to your target; Consequence.

Careful Aim (+1 energy | Action | Aim ): You take a moment to will make this next shot count. Gain +3 to your next ranged attack roll.

Survival Instinct (Passive | Montage): You’ve seen a lot of dangerous things and can identify dangerous situations before the party stumbles into them. During a montage, if a an ally is using a Exploration skill, you can spend two energy to grant them a reroll. This cost can’t be reduced.

Go Unnoticed (+2 energy | Action | Sneak): You move carefully, as to not attract any unwanted attention.

  • Fortune: Move one tile, and ignore the next consequence.
  • Temperance: Move one tile, and take half damage from the next consequence.
  • Judgment: Move one tile; Consequence.