As drifters, you have scavenged and repurposed scraps of old Hyper Light technology for your own uses, including your Dash Module, a gadget that allows you to zip across battlefields within the blink of an eye. Each class has a different use for their Dash Module, allowing for both defensive and offensive maneuvers. Dashes may be used twice per encounter, and are replenished once the encounter or scene ends.

Some dash abilities can be used as part of an action or as a reaction, the description will state as such.

Using a dash as part of your turn counts towards the increasing energy cost of subsequent actions, this means if you’re using a dash ability as your second action, you will need to spend or reduce at least one point of energy.

Each class has two class-specific dashes in addition to the classless “Last Second” dash ability.

Last Second (Dash | Reaction): Just when you’re about to take a hit, quickly dash out of the way. You can use this as a reaction before taking damage. Move up to one tile and taking no damage.