While adventuring amidst the ruins, useful pieces of technology can be found which can be repurposed into something useful for the drifters. Typically acquired using the the [Salvage] (Wielder-only skill), [Awareness], or [Forage] skills.

The exact nature of each component you collect does not need to be directly correlated or specified. When you spend components it could instead relate to a rare piece of technology, represent a complex process, crafting methodology, or other abstraction as fits the use/scene.

Enhance Weapon (2 components | Craft )

  • Fortune: For the next three attacks, increase your total damage by +2.
  • Temperance: For the next two attacks, inrease your damage by +1
  • Judgement: For the next two attacks, deal +1 damage for the first, and -1 damage on the second.

Deflector (4 components | Craft)

A small device that projects energy, intercepting incoming attacks for a brief time.

Note: to be used requires you must “Activate Simple Item,” you can only have one active at a time.

  • Fortune: Intercepts 3 damage (health or energy) before being destroyed
  • Temperance: Intercepts 2 damage (health or energy) before being destroyed.
  • Judgement: Intercepts 2 damage (health or energy) before exploding, dealing 1 health damage to the player.

We’ll be adding more cooking and crafting recipies as we move along the playtest.