The time has come to create your drifter. Whether you are coming into this process with a unique character concept in mind, or if you’re building it as you go, use these steps to create your drifter.


  • Species
    Pick a Species and a Boon.
    Choose what piques your interest. The species of your character affects some of your stats in a positive way, but your choice may also influence your social status within the world of Drifter. Playing a Blue or Sentient could net you distrust or hostility from certain parties. Felifolk and Canifolk generally do not get along very well, while Squirrelfolk are known for their affable nature. Of course, it is up to the Narrator whether any of this will be relevant within the story, but these points should be considered nonetheless.
  • Traits
    Any and as many as you see fit.
    What makes you stand out against your companions? You may pick as many Traits as you see fit. Whether you choose many or limit yourself to few is up to you; they serve as inspiration for ways to create a unique character.
  • Knacks
    Pick one.
    Every character has one Knack, a skill they are especially good at. Providing an explanation as to why you’re gifted with great skill in a specific field could be useful in fleshing out your backstory, but it isn’t vital. How much of your character you reveal to your group is up to you.


  • Class
    Pick one: Warrior, Wielder, Versifier, or Delver.
    What is your walk of life? Did you choose the profession you have, or were you forced into it by circumstances you couldn’t control? There is a story behind everything; explaining the reason or past behind your field of expertise can give the other players a good idea of who your character is.
  • Pick Skill Specialization
    Pick three from any skill category.
    Things your character is exceedingly good at. Pick three skills of your choosing, their energy cost will be reduce by 2 per round and once per scene, you can reroll the skill as if you had spent an intervention point.
  • Pick Talents
    Your Class determines how many Talents you can pick, from your class list.
    The amount of Talents you may choose is determined by your Class, and you may pick them from your class list. Talents are special skills that usually cost energy to activate, and their utilization ranges from combat abilities to passive effects.


  • Distribute Ability Scores
    Distribute your scores using the array [0,1,1,2].
    Ability scores facilitate actions that pertain to certain Attributes (a.k.a. Vigor, Swiftness, Insight, or Presence), making you more likely to succeed at a check. Every character starts with an ability score of 0, and you have 4 points to distribute them however you see fit. You can also use the standard array [0, 1, 1, 2 ].
  • Rate Disciplines
    All disciplines start at 18, you have 6 points to reduce any as you see fit.
    Every Discipline starts with a rating of 18. You have 6 points to distribute and reduce those 4 scores however you see fit. Your Discipline rating represents the result you need to achieve a Fortune (full success) result, so a lower number is better.
    When creating your character no Discipline can be set below 14.
  • Pick Equipment
    Pick an equipment package or shop for your starting gear.
    Compose a starting package, or select your own equipment with a total of 5 Bits. Your choice has to include a weapon.