You haven’t always been a drifter. You had a different life once, perhaps one you spent diligently honing some sort of passion or hobby? In your line of work, all knowledge is valuable, and you have found ways to make some of your past skills useful for your adventures. Academics Benefits: You [...]

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The world of Hyper Light Drifter is a diverse one, full of sentient anthropomorphic creatures with diverse identities, cultures, and traditions. In the lore book, we’ll mention a few specific cultures, however each one is unique to their own locale. At the end of the day, each species is made of flesh and blood, [...]

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Traits are a good source of inspiration when you are fleshing out your character, no matter whether in backstory or personality. Coming up with reasons as to why they think and act the way they do will not only bring your character to life, it will also allow your group to get a better [...]

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