The past is a mystery and you are determined to uncover the secrets of the past. Through experimentation, you have gained knowledge and adapted tools to serve your needs.

Health & Energy

As a wielder you start with 8 Health, and an energy pool of 12.


Your Grit Boost is 1 and your Nerve Boost is 2.

Class Features

Awaken the Ancients

Utilizing your knowledge of Librarian technology, you bring to life an ancient machine. Spend an Intervention Point and awaken a dormant machine that will provide one service for you and your party. Upon completion of the service, it will either run out of energy, deactivate or continuing to move about the world on its own, impartial to you and your mission. Services could include, awakening giant machine to move and reveal an underground entrance, blast a great hole into the mountain, form a bridge over a great ravine, or transport your party to a nearby location. Your narrator can help shape your idea to best fit the context and scenario.

If the service is used for combat, the machine will target up to two tiles and distribute a total of 2[Nerve]+2 damage to enmies in those tiles. If the machine takes 10 damage before it completes its service, it will either deactivate, fall apart, or simply move on.

Tech Savant:

You are experienced in finding and manipulating Librarian technology to serve your purposes. You gain a 5th discipline called Manipulate. Its starts at 16 and you can reduce it along with your other disciplines when you rate them. The Manipulate discipline has four skills associate with it: [Access], [Repurpose], [Salvage], and [Wield].

Much like the other disciplines in Drifter, the narrator doesn’t need to explicitly state that there is Librarian technology for you to interact with. Rather, it is all around you and your declaration of an action is your choice to interact with the remaining technology in a specific manner.

  • Access (Insight): Your ability to pull information, activate or deactivate facility functions. This includes to pull schematics, turning on lights, opening or closing blast doors, disarming alarms, or redirecting flammable gas.
  • Repurpose (Insight): Your ability to use Librarian technology in an unintended way, using an unstable portal to destroy a wall, using an engine to create a shield generator, or using a siege weapon to create a propulsion device. These effects are always temporary.
  • Salvage (Swiftness or Insight): From the remnant technology, you can harvest components which can be useful for crafting or building.
  • Wield (Vigor or Insight): Your ability to utilize your Wield Machines and shape hard light, using it to devastate your enemies.

Dash Abilities

You have two dash points you can use per scene or encounter. You can use them on the following abilities.

Barrier Projection (Dash | Reaction | Range 0): As a reaction, you can extend a barrier that covers an entire tile, blocking projectiles in both directions. Characters and creatures can pass through the barrier but it stops ranged attacks. But allowing creatures and characters to pass through. The barrier absorbs [Insight]*[Nerve] damage before dissipating, or until dismissed by the wielder.

Kinetic Shockwave (Dash | Action | Maneuver | Range +1): Using your dash module, you accelerate yourself, before reaching top speed you abruptly stop, creating a devastating sonic boom, to the target in front of you.

Effect: Move one tile then, roll a maneuver check against a target within range (range +1)

  • Fortune: Deal 2[Insight] + [Nerve] damage.
  • Temperance: Deal [Insight] + [Nerve] damage; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Deal [Nerve] damage; Consequence.

In addition you gain the Last Second Dash ability.

Last Second (Dash | Reaction): Just when you’re about to take a hit, quickly dash out of the way. You can use this as a reaction before taking damage. Move up to one tile and taking no damage.


Select a kit from the following options, or select your own equipment with 5 bits, your starting gear must include a weapon.


  • 1x Wield machines
  • 1x Light melee or ranged weapon
  • 1x Explosive


  • 1x Wield machines
  • 1x Light shield
  • 2x Light melee or ranged weapon


  • 1x Wield machines
  • 1x Light armor


Pick 3 talents, these can be from your class list or from the general list.

Wielder Talents

Hex Burst (+3 energy | Action | Wield | Range +): Utilizing your hyper light machines, you create a devastating explosion dealing damage to everyone in the tile.

  • Fortune: Deal [w]+[Nerve] damage to all enemies in the tile.
  • Temperance: Deal [w] damage to all enemies in tile; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Deal 1 damage to all enemies in tile; Consequence.

Consequence recommendation: One or more allies in the tile must make a [Reflex] save to evade damage, (Fortune: no damage, Temperance: 1 damage; Judgment: 3 damage)

Push (+2 energy | Action | Wield | Range 0): You create a small blast which pushes your enemies back.

  • Fortune: Push a number of creatures equal to 2 + [Insight] into a neighboring tile, you decide which.
  • Temperance: Push 2 creatures into a neighboring tile; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Push 1 creature into a neighboring tile; Consequence.

Lance (+2 energy | Action | Wield | Range +): Create a lance of Hard Light which you blast into your enemies. This attack can hit two targets in two touching tiles.

  • Fortune: Deal [w]+[Grit] damage to the first target and [1]w damage to the second.
  • Temperance: Deal 1 damage to all enemies in tile; Consequence
  • Judgment: Deal 1 damage to one enemy; Consequence.

Unstable Blade (+2 Energy | Action | Fight | Range 0): You overcharge your weapon, increasing its power and potency. For the next two attacks, deal bonus damage equal to your [Grit].

Central Console (Passive): After studying a Librarian device you can discern the general direction of the control mechanism. It may be out of the way, inaccessible, unpowered, or any other set of complications, but at least knowing its general direction is a start.

Intimidating Power (Passive): There are many who do not fully understand the power that the Librarian’s have left behind, in so, you can maximize their fears by making a display of power. Move the Intimidate skill to your Manipulate Discipline.

Deflective Shield (+2 Energy | Action | Wield): Create a temporary barrier that absorbs attacks and injures your attackers. Gain a pool of points that you can use to reduce incoming Energy or Health damage. When damage is reduced you deal that much damage back to your attacker. Note: in the case reducing Consequence damage, you can choose the enemy which would be reasonably targeting you.

  • Fortune: Gain a pool equal to [1+Shield Defense] + [Intuition] points that you can use to reduce and deflect damage targeted at you.
  • Temperance: Gain a pool equal to your [Grit] that you can use to reduce and deflect damage targeted at you; Consequence.
  • Judgment: Gain a pool of points equal to [Shield Defense] or 1, whichever is higher to use on yourself or allies in your tile; Consequence.