Traits are a good source of inspiration when you are fleshing out your character, no matter whether in backstory or personality. Coming up with reasons as to why they think and act the way they do will not only bring your character to life, it will also allow your group to get a better idea of who you are playing. These traits do not have any tactical impact on the game whatsoever, they only serve to enrich the narrative.


You’re always seen with a companion by your side, be it a pet, your trusty steed, or a mentor. Try as you or others might, they will not leave your side. They serve as a non-combat companion and may provide interactions with the narrator.


There is something that makes you stand out against the other members of the sanctuary—like a flower in a field of grass. It could be the way you dress, or the color you dye your hair. Scars and piercings tend to make you memorable even to dullest of dwellers. Maybe you carry tattoos or speak in an accent telling of your origin.

Artificial or Missing Limb

Nary a soul on this continent hasn’t lost something to the biting cruelty of the continent and its past. For you, it was one or more of your limbs, maybe even your mobility altogether. Nevertheless, you have learned to survive and thrive despite your disability, either through rigorous training, or with the help of cybernetic enhancements. Maybe you repurposed ancient tech to support you as you move through the environment, or to give you an edge in battle.

Bears Heraldry

You have a crest in your possession. It symbolizes something or someone meaningful to you. Whether you choose to show it to the public or keep it to yourself is entirely between you and the story behind the crest.


In the darkest hour and most tragic of moments, yours is the voice that reminds others that there is always hope. You never stop believing in the brighter side of life, and the fact that things can only go wrong for so long. Some appreciate that mindset more than others.

Equipment Quality

You’re very particular about the type of clothes or gear that you equip, even when you shop or loot, they need to be of a consistent style. They could have particular adornments, colors, or even looking polished and clean, or torn and worn.


You’re not sure why, but people like to point out what a piercing gaze you have. Your eyes could be described as having an unusual color, or a defined demeanor. But it could also be caused by some sort of headgear that easily draws the attention of others.


Every species has a different lifespan; thus, your age is mostly relative to the community you are a part of. While drifters cover most of the age spectrum, you can still stand out by being exceptionally young or old. Maybe you had to abandon your home when you barely hit adolescence, either for personal reasons or because of circumstances outside of your control. Maybe you’re a grizzled veteran, privileged to grow old only thanks to your prowess and the decades spent honing your survival skills.


Survival in this world is an accomplishment in its own right and you pride yourself on those accomplishments. You keep a record of these deeds, which could be either how many beasts you’ve slain, how many targets you’ve killed, or something along those lines. You might bear these marks with pride, displaying them upon yourself where others may notice them.


A unique smell follows you. It could be metallic, organic, or something familiar to others. It could be pleasant or pungently unpleasant in its intensity. The use of, or even changing your scent with perfume is not something a lot of people do anymore, so you’re bound to stand out as an exception to the norm.


Does your size make you tower over others or disappear in a crowd? Does how you carry your body show off to the world your confidence or your caution. Your size, build, and stature all build into how you want the world to see you, whether you truly believe in yourself or not.


You have a style, and you stick to it. When you shop, loot, or craft, you are always on the lookout for certain qualities within the clothes and weapons you pick out for your collection. It could be about specific adornments, qualities, or colors that catch your eye every time.


There is a certain object you’re never seen without. It could be a unique pendant, a colorful bandanna, maybe an unusual weapon? Whatever the case, this item is somehow tied to your past or your unique style. What such an item could be is up to the limits of your imagination.