As drifters, you have scavenged and repurposed scraps of old Hyper Light technology for your own uses, including your Dash Module, a gadget that allows you to zip across battlefields within the blink of an eye. Each class has a different use for their Dash Module, allowing for both defensive and offensive maneuvers. Dashes [...]

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One accustomed to exploring and surviving out in the wilds and in the deep ruins. When creating a delver, you get the following benefits: Health & Energy As a delver you start with 10 Health, and an energy pool of 12. Boost Your Grit Boost is 1 and your Nerve [...]

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Disciplines & Skills

Skills represent a competence or knowledge in something, and how well you might perform in a certain area. There are 30 different skills in Drifter which are separated into 4 Disciplines (5 if you’re a Wielder). Whenever you want to execute an action, you spend the requisite energy cost before rolling the dice. The [...]

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