Combat Actions

When taking a turn, you are able to choose between three types of actions: Free Actions, Movement Actions, and Skill Actions. These can occur in any order you see fit, and it is not necessary to use them all in order to end your turn. Free Actions (0 energy) These actions cost no energy [...]

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While adventuring amidst the ruins, useful pieces of technology can be found which can be repurposed into something useful for the drifters. Typically acquired using the the [Salvage] (Wielder-only skill), [Awareness], or [Forage] skills. The exact nature of each component you collect does not need to be directly correlated or specified. When you spend [...]

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When you roll a Success at Consequence or a Full Consequence, you are likely going to experience a retaliation. Instead of the narrator acting and rolling for every single character, the retaliation represents the conflict that happens as part of the action you attempted to perform. There are four levels of retaliations, each with [...]

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