Whenever you want to describe a series of events to cover greater narrative ground, you can invoke a Montage.

Montages, which can be recognized as a type of skill challenge, can be used to represent nearly any kind event without getting bogged down in action or turn specifics. We typically see montages used for simulating months of travel, high-action chases, to escape scenes as the facility collapses beneath them.

To start, the narrator will tell the group that they are going to begin a montage. They will then describe the goal and destination of the montage, and provide the energy cost and consequence that will result of their action.

Then, each player will go around the table, declaring a skill and how it will apply or be used in the scene, they pay the energy cost (if any) and roll. The narrator and the player can collaborate on what happens as a result of that action, the narrator then applying any Retaliations as necessary. Then, the next player will go. It is up to everyone if they want to link their actions together narratively.

For example: The party needs to travel to the mountains to investigate why the water has stopped flowing. The narrator decides to start a montage to get the players to the base of the mountain, stating that each action will cost 2 energy and that a Full Consequence will result in everyone losing 1 Health and 1 Energy, with a success at consequence of the player losing 2 energy and everyone else losing 1 energy.

For example:

Player 1 starts. To start off the journey right, they use Forecast to predict favorable weather and to avoid any unexpected weather events. Player 1 has two Intuition and thus does not need to spend any energy. They roll and get a Full Consequence, not feeling its worth spending energy to get a Success at Consequence. All players take the 1 Health and 1 Energy damage.

The narrator starts, that Player 1’s character attempts to read the weather and makes a prediction, one that will likely cause issues later in their journey.

Player 2 starts, and picks Fight, perhaps from the unpredicted weather event, the group sought shelter in a ruined facility that happened to be occupied and we need to fight for our lives. Player 2 has a Vigor of 1 and spends the requisite point of energy. Player 2 rolls a Full Success.

The narrator chimes in, recapping the events that have happened thus far. “You all start off on your journey, and Player 1 predicts that taking a particular path along the river should avoid a coming storm. Lo and behold, the storm came literally on top of you and you sought shelter to wait the storm out. You find what appears is a safe place, a dam facility along the riverside.  You make camp and as you keep watch you find that this is the home of Ogres who was drawn up to your cooking. You fight them off successfully, do you want to kill them all? or do you just want to kill enough to scare them back into the depths?

Player 2, lets to the latter, perhaps we can come back later.

Narrator: Alright! You guys fell a few of the mutated ogres, and they recede back into the darkness. Alright what happens next Player 3?

This event goes on until every player goes twice, then they arrive at their destination.