In a ruined world, survival is the highest priority on anyone’s mind. The value of established currencies and credits has been wiped out long ago by the great calamity that befell the land, giving rise to a completely new form of currency.

“Bits”, as they are called by drifters, are small interlocking power cells that are used to power most devices and hyper light machines. Pieces of them can be found throughout the world, discovering treasures, accomplishing tasks or defeating adversaries and challenges. They are used as a currency that serves as both money and experience points. When you rest at a sanctuary, you will be able to spend your bits for on equipment, upgrades or character advancements.

You can combine 4 pieces to make a bit, and you can combine 4 bits to make a core (which can be used for crafting).

Light Armor3 bitsDamage -1.
Medium Armor5 bitsDamage -2, Swiftness +1 energy, thresholds +2.
Heavy Armor6 bitsDamage -3, Swiftness +2 energy, thresholds +4.
Light Shield1 bit+1 Shield Defense, one-handed
Heavy Shield2 bits+2 Shield Defense, one-handed, +1 energy to attack
Light Melee Weapon1 bit3 damage, one-handed
Heavy Melee Weapon3 bits4 damage, two-handed, +1 energy to use
Light Ranged Weapon1 bits2 damage, range +1, one-handed
Heavy Ranged Weapon3 bits3 damage, range +2, two-handed, +1 energy to use
Wield Machines2 bits2 damage, range +1, special: Overcharge
Explosive2 bits1/scene; 3 damage, range +1
Stimpack3 bits1/scene; restore 2 health or 2 energy
Module Expansion6 bits+1 dash per encounter


You will encounter three types of armor in this world: Light, Medium, and Heavy. By far the most common among drifters, Light armor can be cobbled together from many kinds of scavenged materials and does not require advanced skills to craft. Medium and Heavy armor is much more scarce, it can only be found in long-forgotten corners of the world, or constructed by an expert craftsman.

  • Armor: Reduces incoming damage.
  • Swiftness: Actions that use Swiftness cost extra energy.
  • Thresholds: Increase Full Success threshold for Exploration skills.

Light Armor

Cost: 3 bits

Armor: 1

Medium Armor

Cost: 5 bits

Armor: 2

Swiftness: +1

Thresholds: +2

Heavy Armor

Cost: 6 bits

Armor: 3

Swiftness: +2

Thresholds: +4


Built from scraps of ancient materials—or perhaps an emitter repurposed to provide protection—shields are useful tools when you choose to fight defensively. There are two types of shields, each adhering to a different ability score when using with it. Shields also provide a bonus to the defend skill, whilst simultaneously adding value to some of your abilities.

  • Shield Defense: Bonus granted to your [Reflex] and [Defense] rolls.

Light Shield

Cost: 1 bit

Shield Defense: +1

Heavy Shield

Cost: 2 bits

Shield Defense: +2

Energy Cost of Attacks: +1


When exploring the far-flung corners of the continent, you must trust your weapon to protect you against the creatures that lurk outside the relative safety of a sanctuary. You will find three categories of weapons: Unarmed, One-Handed, and Two-Handed.

  • Cost: If you were to purchase a new weapon of equal power, how many bits would it cost to acquire?
  • Range: What is the range of your attack? Range 0 means that you can only attack enemies in your tile. Range +1 means you can attack enemies one tile away.
  • Damage: The amount of damage dealt per attack, this is typically recognized as [w] damage in abilities.
  • Additional Energy Cost: Does attacking with this weapon cost additional energy?

Note (Dual Wielding): You may choose to wield a weapon in both hands, doing so increases the energy cost and weapon damage by 1.

Unarmed & Improvised Weapons

Cost: 0 bits

Range: 0

Damage: Light (1), Heavy (2).

There are times where you will need to resort to fighting with your claws, teeth and fists or anything you can get your hands on.

Melee Weapons

Light Melee Weapons

Cost: 3 bits

Range: 0

Damage: 2 damage

All weapons that you can wield in one hand, such as power gauntlets, axes, whips and swords.

Heavy Melee Weapons

Cost: 4 bits

Range: 0

Damage: 4 damage

Additional Energy Cost: +1

Weapons that require two hands to wield. These can be giant hammers, polearms, war axes, and big swords.

Ranged Weapons

Light Ranged Weapons

Cost: 1 bits

Range: +1

Damage: 2 damage

Slings, blasters and pistols that are light in weight and power. They are relatively easy to conceal, allowing you to pull them out at a moment’s notice.

Heavy Ranged Weapons

Cost: 3 bits

Range: +2

Damage: 3 damage

Additional Energy Cost: +1

Larger blasters that require two hands and boast some impressive firepower. They pack quite a punch, so be careful where you point them.


Wield Machines

Cost: 2 bits

Range: 1

Damage: 2 damage

Special: Overcharge

Small devices that allow you to create and manipulate Hyper Light into great destruction. Wielders are most proficient with these, though other drifters have been known to fall back on Wield Machines in a pinch as well.

Overcharge: Before you roll an attack, you can increase the damage output of your Wield Machines. For each extra point you want to increase your damage, you must pay an additional 2 energy. This cost is added to your base ability cost, though you may reduce the cost depending on your relevant ability score.

Special Equipment


Cost: 2 bits

Use: 1/scene

Effect: 3 damage

A small, durable device that can release a powerful explosion, though it needs time to become charged up. With this equipment, you gain the following ability that can be used once per scene.

Explosive (+1 energy | Action | Aim | Range +1): Throw your explosive into the fray, damaging enemies.

    • Fortune: Deal 3 damage to all enemies in the tile
    • Temperance: Deal 2 damage to all enemies in the tile
    • Judgement: Deal 1 damage; level 1 consequence


Cost: 3 bits

Use: 1/scene
Effect: Restore 2 health or 2 energy.

A vital device that injects a fast-healing agent into your body, providing a brief boost of life that can make all the difference in a bad situation.

Use Restorative (+0 energy | Action | Heal | Range 0): Apply a stimpack, medication, or consume a restorative to restore your energy and/or health.

Module Expansion

Cost: 6 bits

Effect: Increase the number of dashes you have by 1.

Dash modules are tricky devices to work with and improve. This enhancement provides enough regulated energy for you to safely perform an additional dash.