Energy is a valuable, self-replenishing resource. You will need to use it well in order to win your battles or successfully explore dangerous ruins. Most actions will cost energy and your ability scores will reduce the total cost of that action.

When to Spend Energy

Most actions and talents will have a set energy cost (which is then reduced by your abilitiy score). For skills and actions that are not covered by a talent or ability, the narrator will provide you with the relevant energy cost, if any.

  • When there is an action you want to perform, this is called a ‘check‘ and will likely have an energy cost assocaited with it.
  • When the narrator asks you to roll a ‘save,’ there is no upfront energy cost (though you could still spened energy on boosts).

Checks are actions which you want your character to take, while saves are a reaction to situations, attacks, etc.

Example of a check: You want to use [Lift] to move a heavy door out of the way. The narrator says this would be action will cost 2 energy. If your Vigor is 2, then the action would be free, if it’s less, you would have to send the remaning energy neccessary for that action.

Example of a save: You’re tapping your way through an ancient underground structure. It’s dark, uncomfortably quiet, with only the footsteps of your party to break the silence. Suddenly, a thundering noise rattles the earth! Before you know it, the ground you stand on parts into a gaping abyss.
In this case, you will be asked to make a [Reflex] save, which won’t cost you any energy. However, you may still use your energy to boost an unsatisfactory roll.

Running out of energy

If you take an action that drops your Energy Pool below 0, after the action concludes you you must make a Remain Conscious save, using either [Resolve] or [Fortitude]. This save does not suffer consequences. The effects are as follows:

  • Fortune: You remain conscious and can continue to act.
  • Temperance: You remain conscious. Thresholds on your next remain conscious roll are increased by 2, this applies to both Fortune and Judgment, thresholds.
  • Judgment: You fall unconscious, and are unable to act.

Energy Debt

If you run out of energy, you may go into energy debt. Create a negative energy pool equal to the sum of your Grit and Nerve boost score.
Energy from this pool cannot be spent on boosts. In addition, each point of energy spent increases your Fortune threshold to Remain Conscious, by the total amount spent.

Recovering energy

In combat, you can utilize the Buy Time, Heal, or Use Restoratives actions to recover your valuable heath and energy.
When a scene or combat concludes, you will automatically recover 6 energy.
While adventuring, utilizing the [Cook] and [Heal] skills will allow you to find or prepare short consumables that can replenish your health and energy.