When you roll a Success at Consequence or a Full Consequence, you are likely going to experience a retaliation. Instead of the narrator acting and rolling for every single character, the retaliation represents the conflict that happens as part of the action you attempted to perform.

There are four levels of retaliations, each with significantly increasing devastation. With every encounter, or special attack the narrator will tell you the retaliation level. If not, before you choose to boost your roll or spend an intervention point, be sure to ask the narrator what the Retaliation level is.

It’s important to note that a retaliation does not necessarily have to deal direct damage to the characters, rather it can apply various effects, change the state of the battlefield, summon allies, or even force movement.

Level 1. Scratch

  • Up to 2 health damage
  • Up to 2 energy damage
  • A combination of damage (ex. 1 health & 2 energy)
  • Knock-down effect

Level 2. Scar

  • Up to 3 health damage
  • Up to 4 energy damage
  • A combination of damage (ex. 2 health & 3 energy)
  • Force move one tile

Level 3. Shatter

  1. Up to 5 health damage
  2. Up to 6 energy damage
  3. A combination of damage (ex. 3 health & 3 energy)
  4. Summon an ally

Level 4. Mortal

  • Up to 7 health damage
  • Up to 8 energy damage
  • A combination of damage (ex. 4 health & 6 energy)
  • Summon an ally