Outside of the relative safety of the sancutaries lies a dangerous world. From the wilds to the deep facilities, are stalked by numerous unknwn creatures, mutated aberrations, automatons from an age long past, to horrors unknown. Reading an Adversary Statblock. Adversity Name              (Adversity Level) Health: amount of health [...]

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Whenever you want to describe a series of events to cover greater narrative ground, you can invoke a Montage. Montages, which can be recognized as a type of skill challenge, can be used to represent nearly any kind event without getting bogged down in action or turn specifics. We typically see montages used for simulating [...]

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Running Combat

There are many moments in which you must take up arms to defeat adversaries or defend yourself. In a combat scenario, the narrator describes the opponents who are taking part in the encounter and their relative position to you. As characters, you are free to use the environment, and your skills and abilities to [...]

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Steps of Character Creation

The time has come to create your drifter. Whether you are coming into this process with a unique character concept in mind, or if you’re building it as you go, use these steps to create your drifter. Identity Species Pick a Species and a Boon. Choose what piques your interest. The species of your [...]

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