Characters in Drifter have four ability scores, broken down into two Boost categories: Grit and Nerve. Each represents a different facet of a character’s capabilities in that given area. Grit covers physical actions, including Vigor and Swiftness, and Nerve covers cognitive actions, including Insight and Presence. Performing an action requires a certain amount of [...]

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If you’re not happy with the outcome of a roll, you can choose to spend energy to improve your result. This is known as boosting a roll. Each skill is associated with an ability score, which is broken down into two categories: Grit and Nerve. Both have a boost score that determines how much [...]

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While adventuring amidst the ruins, useful pieces of technology can be found which can be repurposed into something useful for the drifters. Typically acquired using the the [Salvage] (Wielder-only skill), [Awareness], or [Forage] skills. The exact nature of each component you collect does not need to be directly correlated or specified. When you spend [...]

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As drifters, you have scavenged and repurposed scraps of old Hyper Light technology for your own uses, including your Dash Module, a gadget that allows you to zip across battlefields within the blink of an eye. Each class has a different use for their Dash Module, allowing for both defensive and offensive maneuvers. Dashes [...]

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Energy Pool

Energy is a valuable, self-replenishing resource. You will need to use it well in order to win your battles or successfully explore dangerous ruins. Most actions will cost energy and your ability scores will reduce the total cost of that action. When to Spend Energy Most actions and talents will have a set energy [...]

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Harvestable organics, ranging from creature components (fluits, tissues, flesh, and bones) to plant matter (from roots, leaves, fruits, mosses, mushrooms, to other unusual or unique organics). Collected by using [Forage], [Nature], and ocassionally [Awareness], these ingredients can be utilized in [Cooking] to create short term consumable restoratives, or as part of applying the [Heal] [...]

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Intervention Points

Intervention points are a communal resource that is gained and spent in a number of different ways, from activating your class features to re-rolling a bad check. The recommended amount of Intervention Points is equal to the number of players partaking in the adventure. Starting Intervention Points: The recommended amount of Intervention Points is [...]

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