Outside of the relative safety of the sancutaries lies a dangerous world. From the wilds to the deep facilities, are stalked by numerous unknwn creatures, mutated aberrations, automatons from an age long past, to horrors unknown.

Reading an Adversary Statblock.

Adversity Name              (Adversity Level)

Health: amount of health each creature has

Initiative: 9+Adversity level+ Discipline (this places the adversity in the turn order, and when they’ll act whether it’s a single action or the action of multiple creatures of the same kind)

Difficulty: Discipline modifiers, for instance a Combat +2, means that players making combat related rolls against this adveristy, their Fortune threshold is increased by 2.

Retaliations: Any preferred adversity effects on Retaliation outcomes, whether they’re Judmgent or Temperance.

Attacks: Since they all act on the same turn order, how many attacks do the adversity(ies) get?

Attacks: here is where Adversity attacks are listed, they will be listed as
Attack Name (Range | Skill)

In order to diversity combat scenarios, you may want to change things up a little bit, this is where variants come in. They are typically simple, such as additional health, a special ability, or attack. Feel free to mix, match or ever stack as you see fit.

Dirk                  (1)

Health: 6

Initiative: 10


    • Judgement: Prefers 1 health damage and knock-down

Attacks: One attack for the entire group.

Swipe (Range 0 | Defend)

Dirks come in various sizes and shapes. A modifer can apply to an individual or an entire group of dirks.

    • Tough: 10 health
    • Aggressive: If an ally is knocked down and there is more than one dirk in combat, make an extra attack on the dirks’ turn.

Bladebot        (2)

Health: 12

Initiative: 11

Attacks: Only one bladebot makes an attack.

    • Phase Slash (Range 0 | Defend or Reflex)
    • Experimental Beam (Range 1 | Reflex)


    • Reinforced: 16 health
    • Self Destruct: Upon the bladebots death, all characters in the tile need to make a [reflex] save or take damage from the blast.
    • Energy Shield: Reduce incomming damage by one.

Warlock                           (2)

Health: 10

Disciplines: Combat +1, Social +3

Initiative: 12

Attacks: Each warlock on the battlefield makes an attack on their turn.

Diamond Blast (Range +1 | Reflex)
All enemies in the target tile must roll a reflex save.

      • Temperance: 1 health + 1 energy.
      • Judgemnet: 2 health + 2 energy.

Special Actions

    • When a warlock goes below 5 health, it will unleash a devastating Prismatic Burst
      • Prismatic Burst (Range +2 | Reflex)
        Pick three tiles in range, all enemies must roll a [Reflex] save or take damage
        • Temperance: 2 health.
        • Judgemnet: 2 health + 2 energy.

Warlocks come in various specialties varieties and specialties.

    • Negate: A warlock can negate a single energy-based attack, reducing damage in half. This action can only be performed once.
    • Summon Minions: The first time the warlock takes damage, summon two lesser minions (4hp; Judgment; 1 health, Temperance; 1 energy)

Drifter                           (2)

Health: 12

Initiative: 11

Attacks: Drifters make one attack per 2 drifters in the fight.

    • Blade Slash (Range 0 | Defense)
      • Temperance: 1 health + 2 energy
      • Judgement: 3 health
    • Blast (Range 1 | Reflex or Defense):
      • Temperance: 1 health + 1 energy
      • Judgment: 2 health, 1 Energy

Specials Actions:

    • Dash: If a drifter takes more than 6 damage, the drifter will use their dash module to evade as much of the attack as they can. The Dirfter moves one tile and takes half the total damage. This ability can only be used once.
    • Grenade: at the start of a round, a drifter may throw a grenade, all players must make a reflex or take 3 health damage or 2 health and one energy damage.


    • Wielder: add a basic attack Lance (Range +2 | Reflex)
    • Armored: Increase Combat difficulty by +1, and reduce all incoming damage by 1.
    • Delver: Wither: increase energy damage dealt by 1
    • Versifier:
      • Taunt (Range +1 | Resolve):
        Judgement: increase Judgement threshold to 12 for 2 rounds,
        Temperance: increase Judgement threshold to 10 for 2 rounds.