When you return to the safety of a sanctuary, you are able to spend your hard earned bits. Spending 4 bits on an advancment allows you to pick a character improvement from the list provided below. Once you settle on one of them, look to the XP section of your character sheet and fill out one diamond on the left, continuing towards the right with each new advancement. Bits may also be spent on special equipment, though this doesn’t count towards your XP progression.


  • Increase your Health by 1.
  • Increase your Energy Pool by 1.
  • Add a new Talent to your class talent list.
  • Increase an ability score by 1.
  • Increase either Nerve or Grit by 1.
  • Reduce one of your Disciplines by 1.
  • Purchase your path Advancement (only available on your 5th and 10th advancement purchase).


After you fill in your first full diamond in the XP section (consisting of 4 advancements), your 5th purchase will be your Path advancement. Paths are specializations which grant access to an array of new abilities and talents for you to choose from.

◆ (4 Advancements) ◆ (1 advancement – Heroic Path)